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OUR Approach

At the Mobile Hemp Drying Company (“MHD”) we put quality and our customers’ specific needs above all else.


We chose our drying method due to its reliability, mobile capabilities, and its superior quality control when compared to other drying methods on the market.


MHD’s dryers have built-in thermostats and other control mechanisms that allow the operator full command of the drying process. This ensures that the proper moisture content is achieved without degradation of cannabinoid content, or other valuable cannabis derived compounds.


When you couple the conservation of valuable cannabinoids with the convenience of the MHD drying process it’s very clear that MHD is the superior drying service provider. MHD saves you time, money, and provides a level of convenience that no other drying company “can shake a stick at!”

Simply put, there is not a more efficient and effective way to dry hemp plants unless you are willing to sacrifice quality for time which is the inherent trade-off one must make when using a rotary or belt drying method.

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